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Chairman's Message

Yogendra Gode, President of IBSS group and Chairman of DRG Institutions, is a passionate leader in the fields of education and community outreach. He aspired to bring quality education to rural areas in India. With his commitment to the cause, he has introduced an advanced educational infrastructure, incorporating an engineering, pharmacy, polytechnic, ayurved, and now a medical college, in Amravati. His unwavering vision and dedication to create a strong educational hub in the city can be seen by the establishment of these institutes. He believes in a strong education that has the capability of transforming dreams into reality, which is what the Dr Rajendra Gode College & Hospital strives to do.

Yogendra R. Gode

“Dr.Rajendra Gode Multispecialty and General Hospital will make high quality, cost-effective healthcare services accessible to economically disadvantaged patients. With highly qualified doctors and state-of-the-art medical equipment, we aim to provide excellent patient care and educate future medical leaders in a way that will allow them to change the course of modern medicine.”